Fixed subtitle timing problem

In converting movies, it undergoes a few seconds changes, and the subtitle created for one format may not sync with other formats, resulting in different subtitles with different timing. However, in Subask timings are separated from the subtitles so that its content can be edited regardless of different timing.

quickly find subtitles

Quickly find subtitles

One of the goals of this system is to find subtitles for users as quickly as possible and the user should be able to find the subtitle with just a few clicks.

fixed unreadable subtitles

Fixed problem with unreadable subtitles

The subtitles from this site are already encoded properly, and if you have an unreadable subtitle and there is no equivalent on this site, you can modify it . Follow the link below for more information.


More accurate subtitles

Relying on social intelligence and artificial intelligence, this site tries to provide a more accurate translation for users; you can also help to improve subtitles.


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