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How to find subtitles quickly

Finding the right subtitle for different quality movies may take your time or you may have a bad (poor translation) version. Here are some ways to access professional subtitles.


Three ways to find a subtitle:

how to sync subtitles

Select subtitles based on movie quality

To get the desired subtitle, we suggest one of the above solutions. Otherwise you can sync the subtitle by selecting movie release type.

Create a new timing for subtitle

If you can not find the desired timing in release type list you can create a new subtitle timing as the following image

how to edit subtitles

Edit subtitles online

You must have encountered unprofessional subtitles that are full of errors; this site provides easy editing each sentences in subtitles and you can help to improve subtitles.

edit subtitle online

Help editing subtitles

Edits are done by users or automatically, but it needs users approval. You can find a list of subtitles that have been edited and need approval at the following link.

How to refer

Refer To Subtitle Movies

If you own a site that offers movies you can create a link for users so they can easily find the right subtitle for the movie; add the URL of the movie to https://subask.com?url= for example: https://subask.com?url=example.com/movie/movie-name.xvid.1080.mkv


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edit subtitle online

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